Electronics assembly plants in Estonia operate at full steam

15.03.2011, 14:00

Several electronics manufacturers in Estonia have been increasing output and are optimistic about 2011, writes Äripäev.

Incap, a Finnish assembly firm that has a plant in Kuressaare, saw its revenues go up 40%, as a result of growing demand and transfer of more work from Finland to Estonia.

“We re fairly optimistic about near future,” said Mikko Hirvinen, CEO of Incap in Estonia.

Kalle Kuusik, CEO of Enics Eesti that has a plant in Elva, agrees. “I think this is the trend in most electronics companies in Estonia right now. The business is growing,” he said.

A third large electronics assembly plant Scanfil that operates in Pärnu county is also seeing its order-books mushroom.

The company increased its revenue 11.7% to 30 million euros during the year and cut its loss from 0.8 million euros to 0.7 million.