Sales of Lithuanian garage door maker Ryterna up 50 percent

20.01.2006, 15:19

Garage door maker Ryterna has launched several new automated door models and construction containers- strengthening positions on the EU market.

Ryterna CEO Vytas Rinkevicius said that the company started making standardised sectional doors due to high demand on the market- as construction- transport and telecommunications companies often need standardised products.

"Last year- we started working with 40 new partners in various EU states. Our main markets remain Sweden- Germany- Denmark and Norway- while we are exporting to as many as 20 countries around the world by now-" Rinkevicius said.

He added that Ryterna was also the leader on the Lithuanian market for sectional doors. There are several companies competing with their products on the same market- but the toughest rivals are the Polish and Western European manufacturers of marine containers.

"I think we have some advantages over them- because our constructions are lighter and easier to modify-" Rinkevicius said.